The Bong Calendar

(A Pocket Friendly Bengali Calendar)

Bong Calender is simple-to-use tool for your android device. Bong Calendar lets you keep track and get updated of all the important events in Bangla by notifications. Yes,this is exactly like the calender we use to hang on our wall. It is simple, modern and useful for every Bengali People out there! We have also designed a date converter that converts A Gregorian Date to it's corresponding Bengali Date. Also, you have widgets for your home screen. Get it in your device today.

Bong Calendar Bangladesh

(Bangla calendar specially designed for Bangladesh)

Bong Calendar Bangladesh is a simple utility tool for your android device. It helps you to keep track of Bengali Dates. Bong Calendar also keeps you updated about important events by notification. Also, it includes the Govt. declared holidays in Bangladesh. The date calculation in this Calendar is based on the modification made by the committee headed by Muhammad Shahidullah under the auspices of the Bangla Academy on 17 February 1966. Get it today and enjoy!

The Oriya (Odia) Calendar

(Oriya Calendar for your android device)

A complete Oriya pocket calendar for your android device . Our application comes with an widget for your home screen and lock screen as well . This widget shows current system time of your device along with the current time in India (If you are residing in a different timezone). The calendar covers important days . The application also comes with a date converter that shows you all the 'Panjika' details for a given date . You can navigate to the converter using the navigation menu or long press on a date in the Calendar . We hope you will like our application , and if you do please rate Oriya Calendar . Also if you find anything wrong , please give us a chance to make it better before offering a poor rating . We are committed to make this app better every day .

Assamese Calendar

(Pocket friendly Assamese Calendar)

Assamese Calendar is an utility application designed in Assamese Language . It helps you with your daily needs and requirements. It is now easier to track Assamese date and year with Outscar Assamese Calendar App. It Includes the important social events , days to celebrate rituals etc. Assamese Calendar comes with built in widgets . They widgets are beautiful and fits perfectly in your home screen. One of the widgets contains a clock that shows current time. Please note , the clock widget may not show time properly if you use task cleaner / memory booster or other Apps of same category. For best results put Assamese Calendar in the ignore list for such applications. Please install Assamese Calendar in your device and let us know about any bugs / issues that you may face. We will be happy to address your needs.