Privacy Policy


This document is the main privacy policy for Outscar Mobile and Web Based Applications and Services. We respect your privacy rights and care about protecting your information.

What information we collect

Some of our applications can collect data from users. Outscar Apps may collect below the information:

  • Information provided directly by the you (the user), when creating user account or edit your user profile. These may include personal data such as your name, email address,device location and other necessary personal information.
  • If you use our service, which uses geo-location we may collect and process information about your actual location, such as GPS signals received by your device.
  • Information about your IP address, in particular when you log into our services
  • Debug information in case the application crashes, This can be: model, version, operating system, system language etc.
  • Statistics, Analytic, Technical data

What do we do with the collected information

  • To provide and improve our services.
  • The user email and name (If Collected) are used for backup and sync between the user devices.
  • Maintaining user's session to improve our services.
  • Ads presentation, including in a way that respects user's interests and place of residence.
  • Debug Informations help us identify issues and solve them accordingly
  • Analytic / Technical Usage data helps us to understand application's performance and improve our services in future

Application Permissions usage

All permissions used by Outscar Applications are exclusively required by one or more of the features provided in our applications.

Your Information

We may use third party vendors and hosting partners in order to provide the required hardware, software and networking needs of our Apps. We own the services,code,any user generated application data,distributable,databases, and all rights to Outscar Apps, you own all rights to your information. We do NOT share your personal information with 3rd party without your authorization.

Contact Outscar

For questions and clarifications you can contact us in our email id.
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